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Re-Introducing Herb

If you're talking beauty he's not a star, There are others handsomer by far, Even when it comes to fashionable dress, he's not a dandy who wants to impress
Observe his face, he doesn't mind it,
Of course, that's because he's behind it, So if today's news makes you downcast, Get perspective from an experienced enthusiast, With Herb's advice and tips in a nutshell, Your negotiating problem will become a bagatelle.

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Purchasing Products by Herb Cohen

  1. YOU CAN NEGOTIATE ANYTHING - Published 1980 in paperback by Bantam can be obtained from Amazon and virtually every bookstore.

  2. NEGOTIATE THIS! BY CARING BUT NOT T-H-A-T MUCH - Published by Warner Books in 2003. Available in hard back and trade editions from Amazon and virtually every bookstore.

  3. AUDIO CD's OF THE ENTI E BOOK NEGOTIATE THIS! BY CARNG BUT NOT T-H-A-TMUCH! - and other Audio CD's and Tapes made by Herb, from cross-cultural dealings to negotiating almost everything are available. They can be purchased by calling Phoenix Books in Beverly Hills, California, 310-273-1116. As a back-up there's always www.Amazon.com.  If you wish to buy the 2 cassette abridged Audio of YOU CAN NEGOTIATE ANYTHING (which is the fifth largest selling audio book of all time) contact Audio Renaissance, 5858 Wilshire Blvd, Suite 200, Los Angeles, Ca. 90036 or you can go with www.Amazon.com a